Noise from the Niche

SPN Knocking Stiff OnLAround mid January there was an incident at a cemetery in Torrent (Valencia) when people reported hearing a noise coming from a burial niche.

However, it took two days for the authorities to authorise opening the niche to see if somebody had been interred alive.

According to the news publication, Las Provincias, a forensic expert, two lawyers and four policemen were present when the niche was opened. Also present were relatives of the ‘deceased.’

However, it was a false alarm as the corpse was indeed a corpse and had been so since he was placed in the niche. In fact, the son showed a photo of his father during the wake in his open coffin, which demonstrated that he was in exactly the same position.

How, 34-year-old Nieves J. had heard ‘strange noises’ coming from the niche at 13.30h on Tuesday the 10th is a mystery – it was she who phoned the police – but she had obviously heard something coming from somewhere.

(News: Torrent, Valencia)

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