Rain and Rockfalls

lhr-boulder-on-n-340-onlAfter a week to ten days of rain and then a short break, we’re in for another soaking, to kick off the beginning of December… thank God!

We can be thankful that the 127 litres per square metre that fell during the last week of November didn’t all fall in one afternoon – 30 minutes, to be precise – as it did a few years back, bursting the riverbanks and flooding Almuñécar.

But even so, steady rain tends to loosen embankments and motorists often finding themselves coming face to face with large boulders on the roads, as was the case near Punta de la Mona in La Herradura.

The rock, which was ‘discovered’ around 15.30h on the 29th, took several hours to be broken down and removed so that normal traffic flow could be restored.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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