Charchuna’s Tax Beef

eco-calahonda-first-councillor-onlThe First Councillor for semi-independent Carchuna-Calahonda, Concepción Abarca, told the gathered press that they want to handle their own taxes.

…And she’s not alone because the First Councillor for Torrenueva wants the same.

What both of them want is for their taxes to go through the provincial services instead of through Motril because both town leaders believe that the mother town is using their taxes for its own benefit.

The actual figures of who pays what are under lock and key, claims, Sra. Abarca, in the Motril Town Hall.

She basically feels that what is generated in taxes in Carchuna-Calahonda should stay there, rather being funneled through Motril.

Accordingly, on the 18th of November she is going to request that Motril hands over the balance sheets so that she can see exactly what her semi-independent town hands over in taxes.

It would be just one more step in the journey towards Carchuna-Calahonda’s complete independence.

Now, this drive is being championed by the Motril opposition party, the PP, but one can’t help thinking that if the PP were still in power, they would be acting differently…

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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