Shots in Disco

Gaz online new logoA 45-year-old man was arrested for allegedly threatening a pub owner with a firearm in the town of Artafe, near the provincial capital.

He also stands accused of causing damage as a result of firing off shots within the disco-pub, situated on Avenida de la Estación.

The incident occurred in the early hours when, after having consumed several drinks, the accused suddenly became angry and, according to witnesses, began a heated argument with the female proprietor.

The apparent reason for his violent attitude was that he had liked the one of the songs played and constantly asked for the volume to be turned up. As it was already two in the morning, the proprietor was unwilling to do so.

It was at that moment that the accused allegedly brought out a replica firearm, modified to be able to fire real ammunition, and threatened a waitress with it before shoving the barrel against a clients head, according to the Guardia Civil report.

To prove that the gun was capable of shooting somebody, he fired off two shots into the overhead aircon unit.

(News: Atarfe, Vega de Granada, Andalucia)

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