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Castell Men in Court

provincial lawcourts of granada

The Public Prosecutor at the Granada law courts is recommending a 12-year prison sentence for a man in connection with a violent incident in Castell de Ferro.

New Almuñécar Nightclub

PP Arena Almuñécar

Just under 40 years ago Almuñécar was full of nightclubs, or discotheques as they were then known, as well as night bars; there used to be four on Avenida Costa del Sol, alone – at the moment there are none.

Shots in Disco

A 45-year-old man was arrested for allegedly threatening a pub owner with a firearm in the town of Artafe, near the provincial capital.

Violent Women

The Policía Nacional in Granada arrested two women, aged 20 and 21, neither with police records, for glassing another girl. To glass means to attack with a broken glass, normally, but not always, to the face.

Ear Meets Teeth

Regional News: Here we are over the provincial border in Málaga where most of this unpleasant business seems to occur, doesn’t it? Anyway, the next article is about a chap that has ‘gone down for’ (been sentenced to) three years for ripping off somebody’s ear with his teeth.

Némisis Has a Birthday

Do you know the Némisis discotheque in Órgiva? Well, this ‘electric-wrestling parlour’ was the first one in the whole of the Alpujarra and has just celebrated its 38th anniversary.