Child Gored During Fiesta

SPN Child GoredA 7-year-old girl received two wounds from the horns of a bull as she played outside her house – the animal had escaped from an enclosure for the bull-running fiesta.

The Incident occurred in the town of Alfamén in the province of Zaragoza (Aragón) during the town fiestas.

The Mayor, Alejandro Gil, explained that the “fateful event” had dampened the fiestas, which he described as an “unforeseeable unfortunate accident,” that had occurred during the release of steers through the streets along a barrier-lined route.

A 2-year-old bull charged an iron gate and broke the lock together with the chain that secured it – the Romanian child was playing on the other side of the barrier, at the front door of her home.

After being gored once, the child was able to scramble beneath a parked car, but was not quick enough to avoid the second injury. Fortunately, although the girl received a goring to her stomach, no vital organs were damaged in either attack.

Several local lads managed to distract the bull whilst the child was pulled to safety and attended to by the on-hand medical staff. The girl, by the way, is out of sight, hiding beneath the blue car in the accompanying photo.

Editorial comment: if your fire extinguisher is badly placed, empty or missing from your bar, you will be fined out of existence because of the unacceptable risk to your customers, but it’s OK to funnel enraged bulls through the streets of your town in the name of ‘culture.’ Go figure!

(News: Alfamen, Zaragoza, Aragon)

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