Woman Arsonist Arrested

SPN Galicia FiresA woman was allegedly caught red-handed trying to start a forest fire with candles – she stands accused of having caused 15 of the fires that have assailed Galicia this summer.

This northern area of Spain, despite its being one of the wettest and greenest parts of the country, has been the target of people intent upon causing forest fires in recent years.

Firefighting crews are having trouble reaching fires because of narrow country lanes and it has been down to locals to take to the outskirts of their villages and hold back the flames using hoses and buckets of water.

There is no doubt that this plague of forest fires in the last few days has been deliberate, thanks to arsonist devices being found in the woods.

There is also a video taken by an amateur, who was filming a fire in the distance when he captured on film a string of fires appearing, one after the other, being lit along the hillside towards the peak.

So far, over 6,000 hectares have been turned to ash.

SPN Heroes OnLJust in case you had any doubt, the heroes in this sad affair are these firefighters, pictured here after a duel with flames, who risk their lives every time a lunatic, criminal or dunce starts a forest fire.

As for fires started for land-speculation reasons, thanks to a PP conservative government revoking a law that had absolutely prohibited burnt-out forestland being used for any other purpose; i.e., having the greenbelt category changed to urban development, this kind of arson has reappeared with a vengeance. The previous law had been brought in precisely to stop this.

Editorial comment: hand the culprits over to the affected villagers – that will stop this kind of crime taking place – just saying.

(News: Galicia)

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