La Palma Fire Burns On

SPN Palma Fire 01 OnLThe blaze in the Canary Islands continues to incinerate swathes of land, having consumed 4,000 hectares and caused the evacuation of 2,000 residents.

The self-confessed cultprit, a 27-year-old German resident, has appeared before a magistrate and has been remanded in custody without bail, facing charges of gross negligence.

The fire has been contained in the El Paso and Fuencaliente areas but firefighters are having their work cut out for them in the El Cabrito area. The situation isn’t helped with temperatures reaching 40ºC with no sign of rain as the humidity level is only 30%.

Whilst residents from El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane are being allowed to return home, those from Monte de Luna in Villa de Mazo were evacuated last night.

Air traffic has been intense with up to eleven fire-fighting aircraft working from sunrise to sunset yesterday backing the 300 personnel on the frontline below.

Another added problem is that the Town Hall of Fuencaliente has had to cut the water supply to two areas of the town because the fire had destroyed parts of the mains-supply network.

Editorial comment: two points worth mentioning: for those who have difficulty imagining extension in hectares, the area already burnt is equivalent to 40 square kilometres.

Secondly, although this is the biggest fire of the year, last year’s one in Jaen wiped out 10,000 hectares (100 sq/km)

(News: La Palma, Canary Islands – photo: ATBRIF/Twitter)

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