Motril Port Open Day

MOT Port Open Day OnLNo plans for today yet? Feeling briny? Why not pop along to Motril Port and have a look around a Spanish Navy Corvette, then?

Yes, the warship Infanta Elena will participate today in the III Jornada de Puertas Abiertas, or in other words, Motril Port Open Day; an event to celebrate the Virgen del Carmen fiestas.

The Ministry of Defence was going to send a maritime patrol ship, Tagomago, but at the last moment decided to send something bigger – even so, it’s hardly USS Nimitz but its a nifty warship all the same.

I hope my salty mates at the Royal Naval Association will take the opportunity to give it an old sweat’s look over and perhaps “swing a lantern,” or two about how it was back in the old days when the RN used to have enough ships to have a decent collision.

Infanta Elena has a length of 88 metres and was commissioned in 1980, so it’s not exactly new-off-the-shelf but it beats the hell out of a pedalo any day of the week.

The ship took part in a multi-national Interception Force in the Red Sea during the UN blockade against Iraq in 1991

But there are plenty of other things to see at the Motril Port Open Day, such as a photographic exhibition on the history of the port, from its construction. There will also be displays put on by the Guardia Civil, Policia Nacional and the Spanish Red Cross, amongst other things.

There will also be a tourist train, also known as a traffic bung, as well as quick trips on the Boatdil Catamaran. There are even  water-based games for kids.

All these activities will be available from 09.30h tomorrow until 14.30h

Well, what are you waiting for? Park the computer, scoop up the kids or grandkids and get yourselves over to Motril Port!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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