Carmenes Case before the Junta

LHR Carmenes Entrance OnLThe regional opposition party, the PP, will propose before the Junta de Andalucia that the Urb. Carmenes de Mar (La Herradura) problem be declared a “social emergency.”

Such a step would finally get the emergency work, costing some 4-million euros, in motion.

Regional MP, Juan Ramón Ferreira, explained his intention during a press call, which is to discuss the affair at the Justice Commission on the 18th of February so that the case can be declared a social emergency, thus giving it a very high priority.

According to the regional daily, Ideal, the neighbourhood-association spokespersons, Ricardo López and Ignacio Martín, said that the recent seismic movements have worsened or “aggravated” the situation.

Meanwhile, the Town Hall recognizes that the situation is “worrying” and “laments” that they do not have the economic or technical means to deal with it.

Editorial Comment: the Town Hall does have both the ‘economic and technical means’ for collecting the annual property tax from the affected homeowners in the meantime, perhaps? They certainly had the ‘economic and technical means’ to issue favourable surveyor reports to justify the necessary building licences issued to the project developers.

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