Lujar Rejects Case Closure

ECO mayor lujarThe Lújar Town Hall has appealed against the shelving of the investigation into the recent fire which turned to ash 2,000 hectares of its village’s total area.

The Mayor is demanding that somebody should be held responsible for the damage, valued at 50-million euros.

He has three reports in his possession; one from a private company, another from Seprona and the third from the forest-fire-investigation department of the Junta, which point to the electricity cable being the cause; property of the utility company.

Investigations concluded that it was the contact of an overhead, electricity cable with branches, when regulations stipulate that such cables must not be closer than two metres to the nearest tree.

Consequently, the Mayor considers that the company in charge of the maintenance of the pylons and the electricity supply should answer for the damage caused.

(News: Lujar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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