Prison Sit In Protest

AND Albolote Prison OnLUnion representatives for the provisional prison of Albolote locked themselves within their prison office for 24 hours as a protest.

The reason that they took this unusual action – given the nature of the installations – was that they feel that their calls for improvements are being ignored… for months on end.

They’ve appealed to the Ministry of the Interior, the Director General of Prisons and the Central Government Provincial Representative and all to no avail.

So what’s the problem? Insufficient manpower, compared to other prisons of a similar size and nature. This is caused, amongst other reasons, because the average age of the prison staff is 50, meaning that many of them transfer to desk jobs within the installation, leaving fewer wardens to look after the inmates.

The personnel ‘deficit’ is calculated at 80 workers which will increase to 180 within two years (previously mentioned ageing personnel), which represents a third of the total staff requirements.

Albolote Provincial Penitentiary has a prison population of 1,500, whereas it was designed for only 1,008.

Editorial comment: I bet that the inmates are really cut up about the union representatives being locked in for a whole 24 hours…

(News: Albolote, Granada, Andalucia)

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