La Herradura Cancer Concert

LHR AECC Charity FestivalThe dance group Sabor Andaluz were the opening act at the I Charity Festival in favour of the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer.

The festival was organized by the village AECC volunteers, headed by María Jara, who thanked everybody involved for their effort and collaboration.

The festival lasted two hours and a half with a string of local musicians, dancers, singers, etc.

There was flamenco, Latin-American music (Cuban) with the girls from Sabor Andaluz swirling to the rhythm of pasos dobles.

In the second half of the festival, local flamenco signer, José Antonio Tello, accompanied on the guitar by Raúl Ruiz, gave a great performance. The accompanying photograph is of the Cosas Nuestras Chorus.

Towards the end two singers from the village, Elena Díaz de Haro and Juan Mora gave renditions of songs by Whitney Houston, amongst other numbers.

All the money raised on the day – the entrance fee was three euros – went to the cause. So popular was the festival and such a good cause that it represented, many paid for entrance tickets in “Row Zero,” in other words, no seating because they wouldn’t be attending, but wanted to support the cause anyway.

Enhorabuena, AECC La Herradura!

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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