Public Recognition of Bravery

ECO Lujar D2 UME OnLBritish residents of Lújar (Granada) have petitioned the Government for the public recognition of the bravery shown by three men during the recent forest fire.

The two policemen, one of whom is retired, and a local resident risked their lives carrying out the evacuation of twenty residents who were trapped in their homes.

The British residents of Los Carlos (administrative dependency of Lújar) submitted a written request before the sub-delegation for the Central Government, praising the actions of the Sergeant José Ramón Sánchez Holgado, belonging to the Departamento de Tráfico and retired Sergeant Francisco Sampedro, as well as local resident, Gonzalo Acosta

They considered that on the 8th of July they were able to escape with their lives in the middle of the raging forest fire, which destroyed 2,000 hectares of mountain shrub and Spanish oak forest; i.e., 80% of the municipality.

The petition is signed by 20 local resident, the majority British, living in cortijos in the affected area, explained Roy and Josephine Patmore, who are acting as spokespersons for the petitioners.

In the lengthy petition, the British couple explained how the three men, risked their lives driving along little more than tracks, dodging the flames, to pull the stricken residents from their endangered homes.

The Patmores, explained that the actions of Sergeant Sánchez was fundamental in the rescue of their daughter and son-in-law, whose home was surrounded by flames.

They managed to escape not only thanks to these three men, but also to the aerial water bombers that opened the way for them.

(News: Lujar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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