Facing Life Imprisonment

A man has been arrested for the alleged murder of his own daughters, aged nine and four, during the weekend custody of his children.

The incident, which occurred in the north-west of Spain in Moraña (Pontevedra, Galicia), has caused considerable revulsion and anger amongst locals.

The Public Prosecutor, who considers that the accused acted purely out of revenge with the aim of causing as much suffering possible for his ex-wife, has asked for the new Penal Code to be applied which contemplates life imprisonment subject to revision after 25 years.

Under the previous Penal Code, no sentence involving incarceration could exceed 20 years, as imprisonment was considered a means to achieve social reinsertion, rather than a punishment.

This widely considered ‘lenient’ system meant that even if a person were sentenced to over a thousand years – there have been many cases of this – it would be reduced to 20 years in practice, meaning that the prisoner could be on day release after serving ten to twelve years, taking into account repentance and other factors.

Article 140 of the new Penal Code was not without its controversy, as it was passed into law with every opposition party voting against it, but owing to the present government’s parliamentary majority, they were able to push it through regardless.

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(News: Pontevedra, Galicia Spain)

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