Fire Above Vélez Benaudalla

There was a fire in the municipality of Vélez Benaudalla Sunday the 7th that destroyed about ten hectares of abandoned farming land and mountain brush.

The fire was tackled by seven aircraft from Infoca (forest-fire extinction service) after the alert went out at around 20.00h, with calls coming in from drivers on the autovia upon seeing the smoke.

On a personal note, I could see the distant column of smoke coming down into Otívar on the Cabra road just before dusk.

By 21.30h, thanks to the airborne intervention, together with 50 ground fire-fighters and their vehicles, the fire was declared under control and completely out by 11.20h the next morning.

The reason that so many air units were deployed was not because of the size of the fire, but because there was only one hour of daylight left during which the helicopters could fly, so Infoca decided to throw in as many aircraft as there were available to be used in that short space of time.

(News: Vélez Benaudalla, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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