Fatal Mobile Phone Use

SPN Tram Accident OnLA 19-year-old lass died in Valencia after being hit by a tram – she didn’t see it coming because she was texting on her mobile phone.

The accident occurred on Avenida de los Naranjos in the city. The girl decided to cross a double tram line, whilst concentrating on her mobile. There was a tram coming from both directions and one of them clipped her.

She had only seen one of them, it seems, which was at a distance that would allow her to cross the line without problem, but she was too engrossed in her mobile to check the other direction – the other was so close that her action didn’t give the tram driver enough to to brake before hitting her.

The result was multiple bone and head injuries and although rushed to hospital, surgeon were unable to save her life.

(News: Valencia, Spain)

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