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Making Being Rescued Easier

We’re all too frequently running articles on people twisting ankles, falling down slopes or getting lost and have to be rescued by helicopter. But do you know what to do if you’re waiting or the chopper?

Police Car Broken Into

LHR Patrol Car OnL

In an unspecified municipality of Granada a minor broke into a municipal police patrol car and stole a police-issue mobile phone and tablet. He also stole the toolbox.

Mugged in a Hospital Bed

Isabel had come out of surgery for two lumbar hernias and was lying in her hospital bed on the 4th floor of Granada’s main hospital when a young man came in. This 56-year-old woman was the only one in the room because her ward companion had been taken down for surgery and her daughter had just left for work after visiting her.

Putting Salt into the Wound

A young 18-year-old lad dropped dead at the sports pavilion, Bola de Oro in Granada on Saturday 9th of November. However, to add insult to injury, a thief broke into his uncle’s parked car outside the hospital and stole the deceased’s possessions.