Call for Unity over Illegal Greenhouses

motril socialist leader flor almonMotril socialist leader, Flor Almón, has called for local political parties to work together towards a deal with the Junta concerning illegal greenhouses.

There are 190 hectares of illegal greenhouse farming; i.e., under plastic. What the socialist wants is not only for these existing ones to be legalized but also to push for extending this farming sector further in the area.

The Town Hall has submitted a request for legalizing these greenhouse areas but it had been rejected by the Junta. Hence the socialist calling for everybody to work together to resubmit the request.

Sra. Almón, who is also a regional MP, called upon the conservative mayor of Motril to work to this end, without putting partisan politics before the good of the farming community.

The socialist leader then went on to heavily criticize the Mayor, accusing her of being more intent upon posing for political photo shots and committing errors that have provoked a negative reports from the Junta, in her opinion.

The errors that the Sra. Almón was referring to were the inclusion of areas that had been affected by mountain fires – state and regional laws prohibits the re-categorizing of forestland for up to 30 years after a forest fire.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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