Elementary, My Dear Watson

Los Tablones de MotrilA Molvízar man reported that somebody was growing cannabis sativa in a barranco on his land in Tablones, Motril. He was later arrested. Why? Read on…

This 45-year-old land owner had gone to the trouble of alerting the Guardia Civil to the presence of a plantation of some 250 plants around two metres high. He explained that the people behind it were using water from the barranco to irrigate the plantation.

Fine, so the Guardia Civil staked out the area and then one night at 21.00h saw two men moving furtively on the plantation , so they moved in and arrested them. However, one of them just happened to be the landowner who had reported this illegal plantation in the first place.

He and the other man were caught red handed having already harvested five sacks of apical leaves, i.e., the top, tender ones.

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(News: Molvízar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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