Shaggy Dog Story

So, what do you do when your roommate catches you having sex with her German Shepherd dog? Simple, you try to poison both your roommates so that nobody will ever find out.
Incredibly, this is exactly what happened in Albuquerque in the good old US of A back in July, when Shari Walters (as you can see, she’s decent looking sort of lady), was seen in a garden shed, completely naked with Spike the German Shepherd… and she wasn’t teaching him to sit, although she may have been trying the ‘lay’ command.

Anyway, I digress, Shari Doggie Style Walters, explained to her other roommate, who was also her boyfriend, that it was not a big deal and that she had been having sex with dogs since she was 14. For some reason, the not very understanding boyfriend broke up with Shari after hearing this. Some guys just have no sense of commitment.

Despite the argument about the rights and wrongs of fornicating with dogs and the break-up, they all decided to eat together (not hot dogs). Realising that her secret would be ‘out there’ after that day, and that other people might not understand her hankering for hounds, she decided she would poison her roommates. To that end, she laced their food with toilet cleaner.

The result? Well, the boyfriend (not Spike, the one with two legs) and the other roommate were both sick, but were treated at a local hospital and survived. As for Ms. Walters on the other hand is being held at a local jail facing charges related to animal cruelty and attempted violent felony.
We told you it was a ‘shaggy dog story’.


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