Missiles and Cucumbers

ECO Cucumber BeachSomebody shoots down an airliner over Eastern Ukraine and Costa Tropical greenhouse farmers face ruin – such is the global economy.

The USA hounds the EU to react to Russian meddling in the breakaway part of Ukraine and they timidly roll out sanctions. Russia shrugs and slaps a ban on agricultural produce from the EU… guess who that hurts more than anybody else?

Yes, you got it – Andalucía.

When it’s not the French emptying Spanish lorries on the border and stomping over the contents, it’s a German minister putting out a health alert on Spanish cucumbers during the E-coli scare – turned out that Spanish cucumbers weren’t to blame at all, but the damage was done and the beach in Carchuna was covered in mountains of rotting cucumbers, left in protest by local greenhouse farmers.

Russia could have turned around and said no to the European automobile industry output or even pharmaceutical products… but no – the ban is on agricultural products, so not only does the direct market with Russia go down the drain, but also the indirect market where Spain sells to Belgium and they sell it on to Russia.

In the meantime, local farmers are praying that the EU and Russia will reverse their decisions because the autumn cucumber campaign is not far from harvest.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the Atlantic, Washington, who considers that Russia was indirectly involved in the shooting down of a civilian aircraft , seems to have blissfully forgotten that in 1988 a US destroyer, USS Vicennes, sailing in Iranian waters, shot down Air Iran flight 655 killing nearly 290 passengers and crew aboard.

Never mind that the airliner was in Iranian airspace following its established flight plan. The US never accepted that they were at fault, although they reluctantly paid out compensation to families of the victims.

(News: Costa Tropical, Andalucia)

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