Unwelcome Corpse

Four people have been arrested on Calle San Antón in Granada, for dragging an overdosed drug-user out onto the street and abandoning his corpse there.

The victim, a 19-year-old Ukrainian, had allegedly died inside a flat at 03.30h. His flatmates are said to have decided that this was inconvenient, so they took the body down to the street and dragged him 50 metres further along the road, leaving him outside another apartment block entrance.

When the body was discovered, the police quickly deduced from the marks on his back that he had been dragged some distance and had not simply died there. So they checked out the nearby block entrances and soon found evidence that the dead man had begun ‘his assisted horizontal journey’ from that point.

It didn’t take long, after asking the neighbours in the block, to find out where the man lived. Upon entering the flat they found a small plantation of marihuana; hence the inconvenience of the situation for his flatmates.

Naturally, the tenants weren’t home when the police called, but nevertheless, it didn’t take long to track down four of the five companions: three Spaniards and a Russian, aged between 18 and 33.

They have all been charged with failing to render assistance… and for growing the illegal substances, too, obviously.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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