House Arrest for Insulting a Mayor

AND Alfacar AyuntA woman has been sentenced to seven days house arrest for calling a mayor an “idiot” and a “fascist.”

The incident occurred at a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council of Alfacar and the Mayor, María José Pino, was in a heated discussion with an opposition IU councillor. It was during this exchange that a voice was heard from the back of the room, exclaiming, “Idiot!”

The then Mayor (she no longer holds the post) first asked who had said it and then, deciding that it was Aurora González, expelled her from the meeting, but not before Aurora had called her “facha” (fascist) several times.

Outside, on the steps, the Municipal Police were waiting to take her personal details for a denuncia against her. Little did she think that anything would come of it – if you can’t call an idiot, an “idiot,” she reasoned, what was the world coming to.

All this happened back in September last year and in February this year she found herself before a judge, facing charges of disturbing the peace and and disobeying authority – not sure what that is in English, but Dave will know…

She lodged an appeal, which was rejected, so yesterday, the 9th of July her house arrest began.

The original sentence had been for just 48-hours house arrest and a 10-day fine at six euros a day, which she refused to pay, so another five days house arrest were added.

Now, according to Aurora, the Mayor was looking for somebody to throw out of the meeting because she hadn’t been able to push a motion through. The first person to call her an idiot and fascist was the IU councillor, whom she couldn’t throw out of the meeting but – again according to Aurora, she had simply said, “He’s right; she’s an idiot.”

According to the Mayor, it was Aurora who had been agitating the meeting the whole time and that the atmosphere didn’t calm down until she had been thrown out.

Oh, finally, the charge for disobeying authority was thrown out by the judge because at no time did she disobey the two policemen’s instructions.

So now you know, you can’t call a mayor an idiot during an official public act, regardless of the accuracy of the affirmation…

(News: Alfacar, Granada, Andalucia)

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