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Junta Publishes BOJA


The Junta has published the changes announced yesterday evening in the official regional gazette (BOJA). It confirms the list of closed municipalities.

Polish Tourists Raped

GRA MET Cuesta de la Alhacaba

On the 16th of April, 2016 around 06.30h two female, Polish tourists – they were returning home after a night out in Granada, and were trying to find their hostal.

Aging Unexploded Ordnance

AND unexploded Grenade OnL

Imagine the surprise and joy felt by the municipal police in Chauchina when a man walked in with a rusty, 80-year-old, unexploded grenade and plonked it on the main desk…

Falling Baby Saved by Parked Van

A fall from a 1st-storey balcony might not seem very high, but when its a 19-month-old baby, the 7-metre drop should be fatal, but fortunately the child landed on the bonnet of a parked van.

Alfacar Archery

Alfacar, just outside Granada, has just held the IX Encuentro Internacional de Tiro con Arco, or in other words, the international archery championships – within the world archery fraternity, Alfacar is most definitely on the map!