Shark Attack!

ALM Tiburones Bike MeetCalm down! Don’t panic; were talking about the imminent Tiburones (Sharks) bike meet in Almuñécar. With all that has been happening in Almuñécar lately, readers wouldn’t be surprised if it had been visited by a salty munching monster, admittedly.

The Almuñécar bikers’ club, Los Tiburones, organises each year the most important bike meet on the Costa Tropical and this year is no different: the 31st of May and 1st of June at the Parque El Pozuelo, Taramay.

Club chairman, Miguel Rodríguez, presented the poster for the event, which is the 15th annual bike meet. Also present at the presentation were the club Secretary, Sandra Cobo, and the Councillor for Sports, Luis Aragón, who was probably being held hostage to be eaten later.

This year’s meet, which is considered amongst the ten most important such meets across Spain, will be held in honour of the recently deceased Almuñécar member, Pepe Matías.

Sandra Cobo explained that the meet begins at 10.00h on the 31st. Participation is free but those who do decide to officially inscribe in the event (10 euros) will receive an event T-shirt, badges food and drinks.

She also pointed out that there would be a camping area assigned and that there will be live music – not sure how many of the musicians will be alive at the end of it, mind… There will also be striptease act for both the lads and the lasses.

The 30-odd members of Los Tiburones de Almuñécar, also collaborate with raising funds for those in need – last year they donated 1,000 litres of milk to a local charity.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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