Yayoflauta Before a Judge

Spain yayoflautas OnLGreat word, that! A yayoflauta is a pensioner who takes part in demonstrations against social injustices. One such lady is standing trial in Madrid for insulting a policeman.

The incident occurred on the 10th of November last year as she was on her way home after taking part in a food-donation event.

The 73-year-old grandmother, whose first name is Ela, has to make do with an old-age pension of 600 euros a month, but even so, she had turned up at the central square in Madrid, La Puerta del Sol, to “do her bit.”

Having made her donation she was en route for home with other yayoflautas when she came across two municipal policemen in plain clothes in the act of confiscating the merchandise of a ‘mantero’ (African street seller who uses a blanket to exhibit his wares).

She lost no time in letting the policemen know what she thought of them. “Have you no shame, taking the food from the mouths of these poor men?”

One of the policemen stupidly reacted by demanding to see her ID so that he could write out a denuncia – I say stupidly because he should have known better than to get embroiled in a confrontation with an elderly lady.

There are just over 1,000 pensioners in Madrid who regularly gather to protest against spending cuts, so her trial was well supported by her fellow colleagues.

“The yayoflautas movement is here to stay,” promised one of their. Many elderly people in Spain feel sidelined by the Government and are very bitter about it. So when they start to receive calls from fellow pensioners urging them to join the movement, they feel that they’re doing something worthwhile with their days of retirement.

We won’t find out for a few days at least what the magistrate’s decision will be, but for his own sake, he had better get it right.

(News: Madrid, Spain)

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