Bar Owner Acquitted of Sex Raffle

You will remember the case of the Salobreña bar owner who had allegedly raffled his waitress for sex – well he’s been acquitted.

SAL sex raffle OnLIn fact it was back in December that the Public Prosecutor requested that the case against him be shelved as the police, who had investigated the incident, could find no “explicit attempt to offend the feminine sex.” The police also ruled out that he has “promoted prostitution.”

The well known bar, Contrapunto, as part of its summer attractions last year, had put posters up around town, depicting a smiling, scantily clad, young woman with the words “Sensual Go-Go Dancers” and the alleged promise, “with each drink you will obtain a raffle ticket and the chance to have sex with the ‘special waitress.'”

The owner, Miguel Ángel Cortés, later explained that the only thing that the woman was going to do was a striptease, which she had been specifically hired via an agency to perform.

Furthermore, the fiesta never took place because as soon as the complaints rolled in, provoked by the appearance of the posters, he went around town taking them down and cancelled the fiesta.

He says that he lost a lot of business over the affair and it also caused family problems.

Well, Miguel, here is some free positive publicity for you: Contrapuno, the Salobreña pub where the proprietor has imaginative ideas for fun evenings!

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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