A-7 Section Inaugurated

MOT autovia opening OnLThe Minister of Public Works (Fomento), Ana Pastor, officially inaugurated the Puntálon-Carchuna section of A-7 this morning.

As it was raining, the inauguration ceremony was held in the mouth of the new tunnel and there was not money for a marquee tent as in previous inaugurations.

Although the Central Government and Motril Mayor, both PP, are proclaiming this as a major step forward, as the new section takes the coastal traffic behind Torrenueva instead of through it, the fact remains that it is a relatively short section and not a major one.

The new section merely takes traffic from the N-340 main road and dumps it back down onto it after just six kilometres of autovía.

In fact, the connecting roads (enlaces) between the N-340 and the autovía at both ends amounts to more kilometres of tarmac than the new section of autovía. But to be fair, the new section also includes a badly needed access to the port.

Yes, there will be fewer tailbacks through Torrenueva this summer, but the colossal ones between Salobreña and Taramay will still be there to plague us this summer yet again, perhaps, because the most important section – between Taramay and Lobres will still be under construction until after the summer has commenced. The Ministry promises that it will be concluded by June or July – call us pessimists or realists, according to your own take

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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