The Last Member

WLD Penis MuseumFirstly, did you know that there is a penis museum in Teykjavik, Iceland? Well there is, and word is that it’s actually quite interesting with penis specimens from all manner of beasts. But there is one important omission… a human penis.

Well, two men are now vying to have their penis in the line-up, one is Pall Arason, who is from Iceland and was originally believed to be favorite after pledging to donate his todger. However, enter Tom Mitchell, an American who has thrown his hat into the ring (probably better said ‘his helmet’), and there is one thing that makes him a forerunner… he has offered to amputate his penis whilst still alive.

Mr. Mitchell has high hopes for his willing willy, which he has named Elmo. It is already tattooed with the United States flag and he believes it’s his and Elmo’s destiny to be in the museum.

“I’d like the world to know the largest and the best one came from the States. I’ve always had a dream of fame and fortune for Elmo,” explained Todger-Snipping Tom, who will be cock-a-hoop if Elmo gets the call.

The only knowledge we have at the Gazette of penis cutting, is a Circumcision Surgeon who told us that his job was OK, but the pay was rubbish… although he did get plenty of tips.

We will keep you informed on the penis museum’s quest for it’s last member.

(News: Wonky World)

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