Saved by the Ankles

Two policeman managed to stop a woman jumping to her death from a window in a brothel. The incident occurred around the middle of the month in the province of Jaén.

The police control room had received a call to say that a woman at a brothel was behaving in a very “nervous and agitated,” manner, so they sent a patrol car to the scene.

When the Policía Nacional unit arrived they spoke with the brothel owner who confirmed that one of his “workers” had locked herself into her room and was throwing items of furniture etc out of the window, so the police went up and knocked on the door.

They could see that the light inside was out and that somebody was moving around, so they knocked and called for the girl to open up. Instead, they heard her opening the window, so they broke the door down just in time to see her climbing up onto the window ledge.

One of the officers managed to grab her legs as she jumped and was almost dragged out of the window himself and had it not been for the second office, who grabbed him by his disappearing ankles. Struggling frantically, he managed to drag the first officer, still attached to the woman back into the room and between them get her back into the room as well.

The girl was taken to a medical centre where she was hospitalized and the first officer was taken for a stiff drink of something reassuring.

(News: Jaen, Andalucia)

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