Woman Who Killed Husband Found Not Guilty

Ana Pastrana admitted to having killed her live-in lover, Manuel Alcalá, who often beat her up, on the 25th of August, 2011.

Cuban-born Ana had already spent two years, four months in Albolote prison, next to the city of Granada, awaiting trial.

The Public Prosecutor had called for 20 years’ imprisonment, as had the two brothers and the sons of the strangled man, although the said family members also additionalyl demanded financial compensation.

The crucial factor for the jury to reach the conclusion that it did was the medical reports submitted by a psychologist and a psychiatrist, who coincided that Ana’s actions were the direct result of head injuries suffered at the hands of her tormentor, together with “neuro-psychology alterations” in her behavior over three years of maltreatment.

The couple had married in Cuba but the man had kept her as a virtual prisoner in their shared home, refusing to let her leave the apartment. On this occasion he had become violent and threatened to “bring her to an end” and approached her with a black ribbon with the intentions of throttling her. However, she managed to kick him in the testicles and strangled him with the ribbon instead.

The accusing parties had claimed that the woman had carried out santeria (Cuban black magic) rituals and had drugged him in order put him to asleep and thus facilitate the act of strangling him, but they later withdrew these accusations and admitted that he had habitually maltreated her.

(News: Guadix, Granada, Andalucia)

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