Big Turn Out for Bird Park Reopening

ALM Bird Park opening OnLAccording to the Almuñécar Councillor the Environment, Luis Aragón, around 3,500 people visited the park on the first day.

The Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, and Councillor Aragón were accompanied by the veterinary surgeon & manager of the maintenance company (Dezoos), Bienvenido Pizarro, who is running the installations.

Most of the reform work that has been carried out has been along the lower level, concentrating on renovating the cages, as well as increasing the garden areas. Some old cages have been eliminated completely.

And the Bird Park now has other kinds animals, as well as the normal avian inmates, such as lemurs, kangaroos and meerkats, which have been brought down from Peña Escrita. These animals are occupying the space where the cranes used to be… We’re talking about ‘cranes’ as in birds and not as in winching devices, of course

Whether or not the birds are keen to share the ‘pad’ with the mountain boys or not, we can be sure that the Peña crowd will be happier with the warmer climate down here.

In the photo you can see a furtive example of Taxicus Canadium, more commonly known as ‘Slowhand Lewy.’

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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