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More on Tyre Blaze

We’ve been following the development of the huge blaze 30 kilometres from the city of Madrid most of the day; the blaze started around two in the morning, probably involving arson

Latest Motril Fire Intentional?

The Mayor of Motril has expressed her concern that the fire that broke out a few days ago might have been intentional. The Motril fire service says that they have reasons to believe this hypothesis.

Motril Blaze

Last night there was a brush fire in the Ronda Sur area of Motril – Ronda Sur is the road that links the port road to the Al Campo roundabout. Several parked cars were burnt out.

Dolar Warehouse Blaze

Firemen took 24 hours to put out a chemical blaze in a recycling warehouse in Dólar, Guadix on Wednesday the 7th. Fortunately, the staff was on holiday and not due back until the 26th of the month.