Parrot Power

Meet Luis Santana, who hails from Connecticut, USA., and judging by his mugshot images, he isn’t a stranger to the justice system methinks.
However, his means of avoiding arrest this time around may have ruffled a few feathers, as he picked up a perched parrot and launched it at the police officers intent on detaining him.
The story begins with an emergency call reporting an altercation, the dispatcher dutifully sent a cruiser to check out what was going on. But problems ensued when the shirtless Santana starting playing ‘Black Magic Woman’ on an electric guitar… just checking you were still awake… of course he didn’t! This particular Mr. Santana decided he did not want to accompany the officers to the station and noticed a parrot, minding its own business on a perch in the premises where the argument took place. So, he grabbed the unfortunate creature, probably hoping to get away on ‘a wing and a prayer’, and threw it at the officers. Upon contact, the confused and frightened squawker promptly bit one of the officers on the finger! Ahhh… poor policeman’s trigger finger.
To cut a short story long, Mr. Santana did manage to escape, but unfortunately, having the only half the brain power of the poor parrot he had used as a weapon, he ran home, just a few doors away. Of course, the police wandered along there and arrested him. He has since been charged with impersonating the guitarist Santana… just checking again… of course he wasn’t! But he was charged with cruelty to animals and assaulting a police officer.
The parrot survived his ordeal and is now writing a book and looking for a movie deal…

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