Underwater Photographic Competition

The Herradura el XXIII Campeonato de España de Foto Caza Fotosub Apnea will commence tomorrow, the 3rd of October with hopefuls putting forward their names.

Apnea means holding your breath, in this case, so the competition is really a case of the best photograph of fish on one lungful of air. You can come back up for air and go back down again, but, obviously, you’re unable to hang around down there waiting for the perfect shot.

The event is organised by the Federación Andaluza through the Club Buceo Benalmádena, and supervised by the Federación Española de Actividades Subacuática. The competition will run through to Saturday evening. The spot for diving will be between the Marina del Este and the Punta de la Mona with a reserved area between Las Terrazas and La Calilla.

As the competition’s title suggests, this is the 33rd even of its kind and can count on some of the best competitors from all over Spain.

The diving itself starts on Friday at 09.00h and will last until 14.00h. Saturday will see the judging and provisional points giving, along with the projection of the photographs. The prize giving will take place between 18.30 and 19.30h with the closing act at 20.30h.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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