4,000th Article Reached

With this article, the online version of the Seaside Gazette reaches the 4,000-article mark, after starting out in April 2009. We reached the 3,000th post mark on November the 26th last year, meaning that we have increased our article stock by 25% in only ten months.

This year also saw the 10th Anniversary of the hard-copy of the Seaside Gazette – Martin’s first Gazette as Editor was January 2003. 2013 also saw the 20th Anniversary of the Gazette, going back to when Collin and Georg started it in 1993.

In May last year we swapped over from seasidegazette.es to theseasidegazette.com, which dropped traffic momentarily, but since we began in April 2009 until the switch over in May 2012, we had had just over a quarter of a million page views (258,818) and since then, we have added nearly another 256,703, giving us just over half a million page views all told. All told we’ve had 180,000 visits since the online site was founded,

Who visits www.theseasidegazette.com? Well, 56,027 visits have come from the UK, followed by Spain with 35,500 visits. Then 6,504 visits from the USA, 2,507 from Canada and 4,910 from Denmark and 3,837 from Belgium.

Anyway, we are celebrating these significant anniversaries at the Seaside Gazette and we would like to thank both our online and hard-copy readers for choosing the our magazine as a relevant news source.

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