Two Pedestrians Killed on Autovia

Separated by a couple of hours and ten kilometres, two pedestrians were knocked over and killed on the A-44 autovia near Padul. The two accidents occurred on the evening of the Sunday the 8th.

The first incident involved a 74-year-old Moroccan living in France, occurring at 22.15h. According the Guardia Civil, the man got out of his car at kilometre point 139 in the Padul area. A couple in an Alfa Romeo then hit him.

It appears that his car had broken down and the elderly man had unloaded his suitcase and crossed over the central reservation and stepped onto the oncoming lanes. Apparently another person was coming to collect him.

The couple in the Alfa Romeo were unhurt and the driver gave a negative breath alcohol test.

In the second accident, a drunk, 23-year-old Russian driver behind the wheel of a Opel Astra crashed into a 26-year-old Bolivian man. The victim, resident of Orce, was staying in the country illegally. It is not clear what he was doing on the autovia in the middle of the night.

(News: Padul, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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