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Dear David

We have been running successfully the Ocean Awareness Workshop for the last few weeks. The kids (and adults) who attended were very pleased and had a great time. We also have been collaborating with Sophie and Sam from the two summer schools in La Herradura.

Would like to know, if you could write a few lines in the September issue about our Ocean Awareness Workshop?

During the month of September we will be keeping the Ocean Awareness Workshop open. As during the September month there will be fewer children, we would like to focus the Workshops more on adults and will be just on Sundays.

The Ocean Awareness Workshop is perfect as a late Sunday activity, getting to know a bit more about the local marine creatures and get some latest information about the actual situation of Jellyfish, global warming and overfishing and so on.

The Workshops takes place every Sunday from 6-9pm you do not need to book in advance; you can show up as you please. All donations will be forwarded to Jellyfish Research South Spain.

Are you a small group of friends and would like to have one special Workshop privately, you can contact us and we can book for a different day and time.

Jellyfish Research South Spain, Port of Marina del Este, right next to the Restaurant La Jacaranda. Sundays from 6-9pm. You can contact Jellyfish Research South Spain at 673 589 569, and check our facebook page: Jellyfish Research South Spain.

Best regards
Karen and Darius Enayati
673 589 569
Jellyfish Research South Spain

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