No Finished A-7 This Year

The ruling party in Madrid, the PP, appear to have responded to the PSOE, when questioned in the national parliament over the A-7 that no part presently under construction will be finished this year.

This directly contradicts the pledges given by the provincial branch of the PP, claims the PSOE. The Gorgoracha-Puntalón section, for example, won’t be finished until after October 2015.

The cause of this further delay, says socialist senator, Juan Manuel Fernández, is that the Ministerio de Fomento approved an “adjustment” to the annual payments for that section, in November 2012, fixing the date as the 31st of October, 2015.”

In the opinion of Senator Juan Manuel Fernández this demonstrates that the PP have completely abandoned public investment in the province of Granada, especially on its coast.

“The PP is taking the mickey out of the coastal residents and they’re doing it by falsifying data,” he accused, adding, “They said that the Taramay connection would be ready for the summer, and that’s not the case. Likewise they said that Motril would have access to the autovia within 18 months and now its going to be 2015, according to the official response from the Ministerio de Formento.”

He went on to point out that the Central Government put 190 kilometres of autovia into service during 2012 and not kilometre of those was in Granada and what’s more, they will open a further 200 kms this year, but again with zero kilometres here, he said.

According to the Senator’s calculations, based on the present work-completion pace, they will take between five and 25 years to finish the four remaining stretches of coastal autovia: Lobres-Taramay, which is at 50% completion and the only section where activity is taking place, albeit it at a very slow pace; Puntalón-Carchuna, where the PP Central Government has only progressed 4% since the PSOE Government handed over with 71% completed; Polopos-Albuñol, where, again, barely 4% has been completed; and Carchuna-Castell, which has stood still since the PP came to power and not one euro of investment has been allotted, claims the PSOE.

The Sentator’s condemnation of the present state of the roadworks goes on, which we will not reproduce in the interest of space and boring your pants off.

Editorial Comment: regardless of the veracity behind the Sentator’s comments, he appears to have forgotten that the PSOE Government also gave termination dates and then set them back on more than one occasion, yet it is also true that all of the autovia between Torre del Mar and Taramay was completed under the socialists and likewise the A-44 autovia down from Granada.

The telling question is, however, where is the Plataforma por las Infraestructuras, which was headed by ex-Motril Mayor, Carlos Rojas and his successor, Mayor Luisa García Chamorro? Both politicians were vociferous in their condemnation of receding termination dates for the A-7 under the socialist, yet no sooner had the PP took control in Madrid, both PP politicians appear to be suffering from acute amnesia on the subject….

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)