Public Prosecutor Fights Benavides’ Acquittal

Just when it seemed that Juan Carlos was completely home and dry, the Public Prosecutor has dropped a bombshell: he has lodged an appeal against his acquittal.

Benny was tried for and acquitted of obstructing the offices of the Regional Ombudsman, who had tried, to no avail, to obtain information from the Almuñécar Town Hall during Juan Carlos Benavides’ last mayoralty.

The judge considered that it could not be proven that the Mayor had actually given instructions to obstruct the Ombudsman’s multiple requests. Instead, he accepted the defendants explanation that the cause was a huge back log in the municipal legal department owing to a lack of staff.

The judge did, however, admonish, Sr. Benavides for allowing things to get in such a state where such an ‘administrative jam’ could exist.

But the Public Prosecutor is not having it and has lodged an appeal before a higher court; the provincial law courts in Granada. No date has yet been set .

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)