Irritated Blood Donors

It appears that the members of the Asociación de Donantes de Sangre de Almuñécar are not over impressed with the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera.

Although it is a generalized feeling that they are being ignored by the Town Council, they cite a recent incident in which their request for ‘help’ to participate in a provincial meeting of blood donors in Alhama de Granada on the 13th of April received no reply, much less the requested aid.

“We don’t understand how a request made by a selfless association such as our own can be completely ignored, casting aside the traditional backing given by the Town Hall in years gone by,” said their spokesperson.

Along the same lines this association feels “ninguneado” (made to feel worthless) by the PP-PA Town Council. “It annoys us whilst the other [blood donor] associations around the province have been able to count on “diverse material” from their respective town councils, silence is the only thing that we have received from ours.”

As a parting shot, the association has informed the Town Hall that they will not be participating along with the other local associations in the Feria de las Asociaciones, as a form of protest: “We will not set up a stand, although we will continue, as always, to carry out our task, which is very beneficial for our community,” they said.

The saying, “you can’t get blood out of a stone,” comes to mind… But, having said that, it would be interesting to find out what party affiliation the Chairperson has…

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