Cheap Cremation

A vet in the province of Alicante is in a spot of bother after allegedly cutting up his wife and using a furnace for disposing of animal cadavers to dispose of her remains.

This said 49-year-old, Argentinean veterinary surgeon in Benijófar is believed to have tried carrying out a liposuction operation on his wife in his own vet surgery, but it went tad wrong, resulting in her death.

The man turned up at the local Guardia-Civil post on the 28th of March he had discovered his wife lying dead in his surgery. He claimed that she had died from a massive drug intake, which she had found in the surgery. He went on to explain how he had tried for hours to revive her, before taking the decision to cut her into four convenient pieces and take her home.

Once there, he recounted, he found the installations where animal carcasses are disposed of and told them them that he would be bringing in a rather large dog. The workers there processed the ‘package’ without checking the contents.

The suspect also stated that he took these measures to avoid the high cost of a normal human cremation.

(News: Benijofar, Alicante, Valencia)