Shaman Acquitted over Kissing Cure

The Spanish Supreme Court has confirmed the acquittal of a shaman who had been tried for sexual abuses against five women during free curing sessions. In the opinion of the S.C. the women had given their consent to being kissed and caressed.

Neither does the S.C. verdict consider that the cuddly accused exerted any “domination” or “willpower control” over the ladies in question.

The Public Prosecutor had not seen it this way, which is why he appealed before the highest law court in the land to have the original acquittal overthrown – who’s a sore loser then? Carlos C.S. had been tried back in June in Sevilla by the provincial law court, with the Public Prosecutor recommending 11 years’ imprisonment and a payment of 7,500 euros in compensation… but he had to kiss goodbye to that, hence the appeal.

Unimpressed the Supreme Court failed to find any evidence of aggression or intimidation against the five women, whom the court considered adults with a capacity to decide for themselves. Furthermore, the S.C. considers that had the women protested, the shaman would have ceased his pursed-lipped remedy to whatever ailed them.

In fact, it appears that it was not until the ladies got together after the “sessions” and compared notes did they come to the conclusion that they had been sexually abused.

Finally, the S.C. took into consideration that our kiss-o-heal shaman carried out 30 consultation a day over every weekend, yet only five clients considered that they had been sexually abused.

(News:Sevilla, Andalucia)