Pruning the Palms

The Motril Maintenance Department were busy during the month of January pruning the town centre’s 300 palm trees.

The Vice Mayor and Councillor of Little Twiddley Bits, Nicolás Navarro, said that the 2013 operation had been brought forward to combat the picudo rojo (palm beetle).

“For this reason, and taking advantage of pruning at the top of the trees, we are injecting the trees at low pressure  with a substance to both cure and inoculate the trees,” he explained.

In the accompanying photo a team of four men, using a cherry picker can be seen working on the trees along La Explanada, where there are over a dozen of the blighters. If things go according to plan, the pruning operation could be concluded by mid February.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)