Stricken Pine Removed

Nicolás Navarro, who, amongst many other titles, is the Councillor for Infrastructure Management at the Motril Town Hall, announced that one of the pines on the Cerro de la Virgen had been literally ripped out by the roots during the gales. Cerro de la Virgen is the church on hill next Parque de las Américas.

The heroic Maintenance Department, allied with the town’s firemen removed the pine, which had been left resting against another tree beside it. Nobody was hurt and the fallen pine was reported to be reasonably grateful.

The Councillor also said that as the Maintenance department was already on site, the pruning of the pines on the said hill would commence, as well as the planting of seasonal flowers

Sr. Nicolás Navarro expressed his gratitude to the town-hall workers and firemen for their ‘rapid and efficient’ response. Yes, you can certainly sleep more soundly in Motril knowing the boys are on the case…

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)