La Herradura Street Improvements

The stone steps up in the old town of La Herradura have long been a bit tricky, especially when they are slippery from rain, which is why the Town Hall maintenance crews have been hard at work, sorting them out.

They have also been busy eliminating architectonic barriers, which sounds impressive but is really the politically correct term for “obstacles to people with mobility problems.” We’re talking about abnormally high steps or a lack of handrails on the steeper parts.

The chosen area for this maintenance work was the access point for Calle Granada from Calle La Flores – the Town Hall had received numerous requests from the residents there for these nuisances to be sorted out.

Calle Granada has four ‘confluences’ from other streets; namely, Calle Real, Flores, Canalejas and España, and on all four junctions work has been carried out, changing the street surface and erecting handrails in two places.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)