Japan and Subtropical Fruit

A Japanese film crew have been in La Herradura for a documentary on subtropical fruit in Spain. They have been visiting Finca San Ramón. and filming chirimoya, mango, guayaba, avocado, carambola and papaya plantations

The owner, Ramón González, runs the fruit farm along the lines of agro-tourism. After taking the crew from NHK around the plantation, giving a running commentary on the fruit, its characteristics and flavour, the crew were invited back to the reception area where they could try some desserts, prepared by Rita Galiana.

The documentary, directed by Ukon Hidoyuki and narrated by Marta Martín (Co-ordination by Yayoi Kusano together with Federico Hernández), is part of a 24-programme series which will be broadcast on the national Japanese channel called Suppain go with an expected audience of 30 to 40m viewers.

Andalucía receives hundreds of thousands of Japanese tourists each year and it is hoped that this ‘window onto the Costa Tropical’ will help promote the area.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)