Autumn Thoughts & Activities

Autumn has definitely reached our Nordic haunts, the leaves are turning red and yellow, the forest is full of mushrooms and the rain is pouring down. The time has come to pack our things and move southward towards dear old Almuñécar.

I have tried to keep updated on what is going on down there. I imagine that the economic pain in Spain has grown worse in the last five months. I read in the papers that one out of four Spaniards is unemployed at the moment. Since the financial sector got slammed in a giant property boost, leaving banks with tons of bad loans in their balance sheets, the downhill has continued.

On a very micro level, rumour has it that the Town Hall has started a charm campaign for their employees. This is a good step towards being true service providers to tourism as well as society as a whole. Better language education for people in the service sector would make the picture complete. I think that being impolite to foreigners is not in the nature of the average Andalusian, but not knowing how to speak to guiris, visitors and residents from other foreign hemispheres makes them on their guard.  Although some people might find tourists and foreign residents intruders, the truth is that tourism will always be among the number one income sources for the Costa.

Another question on my mind is how the motorway A7 between Taramay and Motril is proceeding? Another three years to wait? Well, we will surely go and find out when we get there. When we arrive, we will be welcomed by a beautiful and somewhat aggressive peacock who has invaded our garden, according to our nephew who stayed at our house this summer. No matter how much they tried, they could not get rid of him. We look forward to the acquaintance with somewhat mixed feelings.

Our club, Los Nordicos, will resume activities on October 3rd, when the library opens at Mariote. On October 10th, there is a get-together and information meeting at Hotel Victoria Playa (hopefully it is still open after the cut on Spanish pensioners’ travelling privileges which will certainly lead to a seasonal shut-down of some hotels in Almuñécar).

The programme for autumn 2012 includes a lot of interesting topics, such as musical entertainment with ‘Kurt and his friends’ a Swedish 10-man orchestra from Oscarshamn. On the following week there will be a visit by Mats Björkman, editor of the Swedish monthly Sydkusten. Our traditional pea soup and punch evening will be replaced by a soup event at Hotel Victoria Playa, with the audience telling funny stories. Britt-Marie Ekman has promised to tell us about the era of the Phoenicians on November 7th, and on Wednesday 14th we will have our Annual General Meeting, with the first call at 13.30 and the second at 14.00. The club programme will end with a Christmas bazaar and mulled wine evening and a musical quiz with Göran Eriksson from Nerja.

Other activities include golf on Mondays starting at 9.30 a.m. at Los Moriscos, Motril, Thursday trekking starting on October 18th at 10 a.m. from the Market Place, and Boule at ‘Pensionistas’ on Wednesdays and Sundays, from 11 to about 12.30, followed by coffee or tapas somewhere nice.

Marianne Lindahl

Born in Helsinki, Finland, many decades ago and a resident in Almuñécar since 2001. I have a M.Sc in Economics and Business Administration and an Authorized Translator´s exam. Prior to this I studied art in Helsinki and Paris. After a career in business I started painting again, (oil, impressionist with a touch of naivism)and have participated in many exhibitions in Spain and Finland. I am active in Asociacion Hispano-Nordica in Almuñécar, a meeting point for people from Sweden, Norway and Finland. I am married, with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. Hobbies: Cats, golf, trecking, jazz.