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Stockholm Revisited

FTR Nordic Waldemarsudde

we made a wonderful trip to our beloved Stockholm at the end of July. This is part of a private Swedish/Finnish cultural exchange programme with a Swedish couple whom we met in Almuñecar more than 12 years ago.

Pampaneira Revisited

Marta is sighing deeply every time we switch on news channel 24 to look at the unbelievable farce that is supposed to lead to the creation of a new government.

I’m Not Exactly Charlie

The year 2015 did not start in a happy way. On January 8th jihadist gunmen burst into the offices of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, brutally murdering 12 journalists and cartoonists gathered for a regular meeting in their office in Paris.

A Nordic Happy New Year

After two weeks with us, she seems adapted to our way of life. She knows what the word “nej” (no!) and kom! (come!) means. She is 2 ½ months old now, and looks like a miniature polar bear. And the “calling cards” in our big kitchen becomes fewer every day.